Court 73 is a regular newsletter celebrating the culture of tennis and the way it encompasses the daily lives of its fanatics.

Whether you’re a fair-weather player, a grizzled club veteran, an aspiring junior, or a touring professional, tennis can be, and most of the time is a love-hate relationship. This blog aspires to comprehensively cover the joy and frustration of playing, watching, and following the sport that, at times, feels not like something we chose but rather that it chose us.

It’s a monkey on our backs that won’t let us quit. When a new morning rises, that same racquet we almost snapped in half the previous day, beckons enticingly and promises a fresh start.

It is my hope that the writing in this newsletter will soothe your frustration when you play badly, inspire when you play well and provide comfort in times when you can’t play at all. Here’s to tennis—a forgiving mistress.

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